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pure kona coffee beans store.

pure kona coffee beans

Coffee beans, taste is affected by the elevation, soil, orientation to the sun, drainage, pruning, watering and fertilizing. Farms next door to each other often produce coffees which are dramatically different in quality and flavor.

Just as importantly, great coffee requires careful picking. Many farms pay their pickers by the pound. The result is that the pickers try to maximize their pay by picking unripe and over ripe beans along with the good beans. Pure Kona Coffee picks only red ripe coffee. It costs more because only picking ripe beans is slower but we get the best beans for our coffee. We also sort the harvested fruit before it is pulped so that any beans that are damaged or not perfect won’t wind up in our roasted coffee.

Coffee can be ruined by poor processing.  Premium coffee beans have to be pulped, fermented, washed, dried, hulled, graded, sorted and stored perfectly to create an outstanding cup of coffee. We monitor each step of the process to make sure that the beans are at their best. At each stage we sort out bad beans. We don’t throw them away – we sell them to large coffee distributors for their discount labels.

If you buy direct, you reduce the chance of poor shipping and storage. The only person who can honestly vouch for the purity and quality of the coffee is the person who grew it.

Buy Fresh Grown Coffee Beans

Ask when the coffee beans were grown. Farmers who care about their coffee are excited and interested. Farmers and distributors who are out to make a buck don’t want to waste their time.

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