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Hilo Home Inspection Reviews

I liked this Hilo inspections business:
I would recommend this Hilo Home Inspections company to anyone looking for a home inspector. I believe Inspections Hawaii is A+ BBB rated at the time of my review. Not sure where they add up as far as cost, but I found them to be reasonable, although slightly higher than some others. They will provide you with more than enough to make a better informed buying decision.

Hilo Home Inspectios

Things I liked about the business:
1. They were quite understanding as I had to reschedule the Hilo inspection appointment quite a few times, as we had to withdraw our offer and ask them to inspect another property.
2. Convenience. Everything was done online like reports, payment, rescheduling etc. Just had to call them once.

Easy to online pay. Hilo Inspector was very detailed and gave a very helpful report that included photos and was in depth, without out it I would have unintentionally bought a fixer upper! So thank you Inspections Hawaii!

I would highly recommend this Inspections Hawaii company to anyone. Very professional and I received detailed report. Overall very satisfied with the price and Hilo service.

Allen was very courteous inspector. He took time out and answered all of our questions and addressed the concerns. I would definitely recommend Allen and his inspection company for home inspections.

Inspections Hawaii recently completed a pre-purchase inspection of my home.
They were the best price I found and provided the most comprehensive inspection, including the infrared which other Hawaiian companies wanted to charge a lot extra for.

The scheduling was easy to do; they had availability within 2 days.
Allen spent several hours at the house, then walked us through his findings. He was very friendly, personable, smart, and thoroughly answered all of our questions. The report he sent over was extremely detailed and included all the information we needed along with pictures.
I Would highly recommend Inspections Hawaii Inc. for your inspection needs.

Great Hilo Home Inspections Service! Showed up on time and were professional and did thorough Hilo inspection. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

We dodged what would have been a major lemon of a house with inspections Hawaii! They were thorough, professional, and easy to work with. My husband was there for the inspection and Michael went over everything as he was inspecting to explain of good, bad, and ugly.
So happy we had Inspections Hawaii to help!

I absolutely love working with these Hilo guys! They are quick to respond and were able to get me booked for an Hilo inspection next day. The people that I have dealt with were professional and highly knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend their Inspections Hawaii services to friends, family and colleagues!

Great comprehensive inspection. Inspector Allen answered a bounty of questions I had. On time, detailed oriented. Inspections Hawaii/Hilo Highly recommended.

I am very pleased with the inspection service of this company. 1st, the accessibility of being able to call/text with questions, and the quick response even on a Sunday afternoon was very convenient. The website was easy to use and PayPal was easy pay online. My inspector did a good job explaining and showing me things. He arrived 5 minutes early, so I did not have to wait long at all for the inspection findings. Thank You.

I had an Inspections Hawaii inspector Allen Abdul perform an inspection on one house, and was so pleased with his attention to detail, thorough investigation of all aspects of the property, and his comprehensive report, that I requested him a week later to inspect my business property. I recommend Inspections Hawaii and the inspector Alen Abdul and plan to use them again on future home and commercial properties.

I was not available to be present during the inspection and Allen took the time to schedule a phone conference with us. We are very pleased with Inspections Hawaiii’s work and would be glad to work with them in the future.

Allen just did our inspection in our new home and we are so pleased with his work! Inspections Hawaii was very thorough, answered all our questions and was great! I would recommend him and this inspection service company! Thank you!

Inspections Hawaii was great. Arrived 5 minutes early and was very curious and very thorough. Allen explained each and every item/issue; good and questionable issues he saw with the house. This whole experience was Aloha great – from scheduling to inspection and Inspections Hawaii report. Highly recommend Inspections Hawaii and Axel.

Axel was very knowledgeable and courteous and handled my home inspection with great care and proficiency. Being a first time home buyer, it really makes a difference to have the ‘peace of mind’ especially when making such large purchase, and Axel and the Inspections Hawaii Service was able to provide that.

I have used Hilo Inspections Hawaii three times on homes we put offers on, and they have done a great job! They are very thorough, takes their time to explain all the issues, and answered all of my questions! They were able to tell us what should be immediate fixes, and what weren’t big deals, which I really appreciated. Very professional, and we have already recommended them to other people!

Axel performed a home inspection for a home I was buying. He did a great and thorough job of explaining everything. Would definitely use Inspections Hawaii again.

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INSPECTORS? Trained Professional Inspection Technicians

Home Inspection Training. No time – Click Here – Hilo Home Inspections

The ICA online Real Estate Inspection Certification Program is the most complete home inspection course on the Hawaii market today. The online course is completely self-paced and works on all computers and devices – including laptops, tablets, and even iphones and android phones. All 28 home inspection course modules are fully narrated instructor-led streaming video. Students will also get access to our online reference library where we have a huge repository of Hawaii home inspection related e-books and Hawaii online reference material covering everything from mold and radon to septic and termites – along with many other topics. Most importantly we also include your Hawaii home inspection reporting software!

Inspection Course Outline:

  1. Overview of Home Inspections
    Provides an introduction and review of the home inspection industry
  2. Legal and Business Aspects  
    Forming a business, pre-inspection agreements, insurance, marketing
  3. The Inspection Process 
    Method of inspecting a house, Standards of Practice
  4. Roofing 1  
    Roofing terms, materials, shingles types, roofing inspection process
  5. Roofing 2   
    Roofing inspection process continued, roofing defects
  6. Exterior 1
    Site as it affects the home, grading, siding materials, defects
  7. Exterior 2 
    Trim, porches, decks, stops, steps, paving, vegetation, defects
  8. Structure 1 
    Structural basics, beams, joists, trusses, roof and wall framing, foundations
  9. Structure 2    
    Structural inspection and defect recognition
  10. Interior 1 
    Attics, insulation, interior rooms, walls, windows, doors
  11. Interior 2          
    Bathrooms, kitchens, household appliances, basements, crawl spaces
  12. Plumbing 1        
    Supply and waste piping, cross connections, vents, drainage
  13. Plumbing 2          
    Fixtures, faucets, water heaters
  14. Plumbing 3 
    Water heaters continued, fuel piping and storage, sump and ejector pumps
  15. Heating 1   
    Combustion air requirements, forced air heating inspection process
  16. Heating 2  
    Hydronic heating systems inspection process
  17. Heating 3  
    Space heating, fireplaces, wood stoves, chimneys and vents
  18. Air Conditioning 1  
    Refrigeration theory, split systems, ductless split systems, high-velocity
  19. Air Conditioning 2  
    Air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps
  20. Electrical 1    
    Electrical theory, service drops, wire gauges
  21. Electrical 2 
    Wire material and types, electrical panels
  22. Electrical 3 
    Main panels, sub panels
  23. Electrical 4
    Outlets, switches, fixtures, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  24. Report Writing
    Providing a proper written report for the client
  25. Marketing 1
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  26. Marketing 2   
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  27. Commercial Inspection 
    Inspecting commercial buildings, covers ASTM standards
  28. Inspection with Drones
    Using a drone to complete roof inspections

You’ll also get full access to our online reference library which includes:

  • Mold – over 800 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • Radon – Full Radon Certification Course included ($100 value)
  • Indoor Air Quality – over 200 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • International Building Codes – over 5,000 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • Inspection Reporting Software – ($399 value included) generate home inspection reports from ipad, iphone, android, or computer

Over 20 additional downloadable e-books covering a variety of home inspection related topics including energy audits, termite inspection, septic inspection, and much more! View Course Demo