Recovery Inspections

What are Disaster Recovery Inspections?

Disaster Recovery is the process of bringing a Big Island community back to its natural state prior to the disaster. Inspections Hawaii, Inc. provides their Big Island community with immediate inspection and damage assessment services.

What are the key benefits of Recovery Inspections?

Restoration of Big Island power and water supplies, immediate resources to help assess the damage and provide critical Big Island inspections needed to regain power and water control.

Ensuring Big Island structures are safe…

Ensuring a safe and durable built environment is a key priority for Inspections Hawaii, Inc. Following any natural disaster, Inspections Hawaii, Inc. utilizes all possible Big Island resources to ensure homes and businesses are structurally sound and safe prior to occupancy.

What Our Big Island Inspections Do:

Ensure Your Big Island Safety;

FEMA License for NFIP 2012 and 2013

Allen Abdul NFIP FEMA

Allen Abdul NFIP FEMA

Professional First Responder NFIP Adjuster for FEMA during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

Independent Adjuster Texas

Independent Adjuster Texas

Independent Adjuster Kentucky

Independent Adjuster Kentucky

Independent Adjuster Florida

Independent Adjuster Florida

Licensed Inspectoin: Texas, Florida and Kentucky 2008.

Insurance Inspection Midwest Hailstorms 2008 – 2010.

Professional FEMA Inspection Adjuster New Jersey Hurricane Irene 2012 and Hurricane Sandy 2013.

Retired Big Island Professional Catastrophe Inspection Adjuster.

Inspections: Experienced Professional Construction Builder Contractor Ensuring Big Island Family Safety Since 1971.

Journeyman Commercial built and Residential Electrical, Plumbing and building Remodeling Craftsman since 1971.

Big Island Training: Commercial Painting / Big Island Residential Carpentry / Commercial and Residential Electrical / Commercial and Residential Plumbing Big Island / Commercial and Residential Remodel Professional.

Master Builder: Masonry / Foundations / Roofing / Bathrooms / Kitchens.

Big Island Disaster Recovery Inspections by a Professional Inspector: Wood Damage: Wet Rot / Dry Rot / Big Island Termite Damage / Big Island Water Damage Pro.

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